Public Convenience

In the midst of enjoying the environs of the Central Park, I realised that I needed to answer nature's call. I soon started on a hunt for a public toilet/restroom. But didn't find any, to my annoyance. I was wondering how the Capital's premier CBD did not have one.
Continuing my search, I ventured towards the outer circle. After walking some distance, I discovered a small building that looked like a restroom from the outside (with plastic overhead tanks)on the other side of the road. On the larger wall was a label "Public Convenience" and the city corporation's logo. I just ignored it and walked along only to find another similar looking building a couple of blocks ahead with the same "Public Convenience" signage. With the urge to relieve myself getting stronger, I had to go have a look this time. So off I went crossing the road only to find an entrance, tucked away at a corner, to what else...a restroom!


bofors84 said...

beautifully written
why didnt u call me wen u where in delhi ?
anywayz....ur trip sounds quite interesting specailly wen i stay here in delhi and dont have time to visit the places you managed ina day