Qutub Minar

The Qutub Minar and the Iron Pillar were on my list of must see when I started. So with my watch saying its past one, I took an auto to the Qutub Complex at Mehruli. Reached the place in about 15 minutes and purchased the ticket to get inside.

The monument, as old as it is, has gone through a fair share of destructions and repairs. Struck and destroyed by lighting twice, it was repaired by the reigning ruler. The repairs add character to it along with original artwork. The upper storey is faced with Marble compared to Sandstone / Terracotta in the lower storeys. Nearby is another unfinished Minar, originally planned to be twice the size of the Qutub.

In the Qutub complex, also stands the famous Iron pillar that withstood the battering of the climes and humans. Another example of ingenuity of these ancient people.

On my way out, I spotted another sun dial. This time a small one...and it works!

Pic1. Qutub Minar. Pic2. The unfinished Minar. Pic 3. The Iron Pillar.Pic 4. The Sun dial.


asto said...

Nice pics. Blog iz vary nize also :D