India Gate

Couldn't complete my (whirlwind) trip of Delhi without visiting the India Gate, could I? So off I went. Here's where I made my first error of judgment. I thought I'd walk to it, taking direction from the trusty old Google app. It turned out to be a rather long walk and the sun was slowly finding its way through the now disappearing clouds. I did make it and I entered Raj Path bang in the middle. With the time in hand being limited, I decided to proceed towards India Gate and save Rashtrapathi Bhavan for later.

India Gate in reality seemed more down to earth when compared to the visuals seen on TV and else where. But there's no downplaying the significance of the monument..the names on the facade said it all.

Pic1. India Gate. Pic2. Amar Jawan Jyoti. Pic3. Pigeons having a great time on the lawns.


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