Lunch at Karol Bagh!

Got back to CP from Qutub complex at about 3 pm. My friend (and room mate) here had suggested I have lunch at a joint in Karol Bagh. I knew that was the third station from CP on the blue line and I should make it in 15 minutes. From Google maps I figured that the restaurant musn't be far away from the station. So off I went.

Reached Karol Bagh quite quickly, thanks to the Metro. Hopped on to a rickshaw as I didn't want to waste any time. He got me there in a couple of minutes (it was easily walkable). But to my disappointment that particular place was closed as it was already 3.15 pm. So ended up having lunch at Bikanerwala's on the other side of the road. Took another rickshaw back to the station and got back to CP....all in an hour or so!


helllboy said...

hey cool incidents and also funny awesome bro